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This book is awesome i love the moral of the story my teacher mrs lean at smc(st margarets college) is going there in the holidays so we have been asked to look this up i love the story lots By Taylah
A.Taylah E ( )
I thought the book was good to teach kids a lesson on learning to help other people in need. I have read the book three times and will read it again!
Allison B ( )
My 3 year old son and I LOVE the story of Sikulu and Harambe! We've only had the book for 3 days and he has asked me to read it about a dozen times. I can't wait to see what other adventures they take part in in the future!
Stephanie S ( )
My family is moving to Zambia next year. It was fun to read about the Lozi people. We will live near the Lozi. It helped me learn that I should help someone even if I am busy. Thank you for writing this book.
Morgan R ( )
I think the story's moral is to show kindness and help others while in need even when you might be doing something.
Victor U ( Age 8 )
What a fabulous tale of kindness and humility.
LaWonda S ( )
This is an excellent introduction to African culture and folklore. It will help teach African children in Diaspora the relevance and importance of their culture.
Teeto O ( )
This is a wonderful book blending culture with morality. I am getting a copy for each of my grand children.
Tom B ( Grandparent )
This is a one of a kind book. It literally lifts your spirits! Hope you reserve a copy to share with family and friends.
Julia C ( Age 11 )
Even for adults this book is engaging and carries a strong moral message. It makes learning fun at all levels and will be a book that kids return to over and over again.
Crowe M ( Father )
This book is a very nice slice of culture. The illustrations are wonderful.
Cat W ( Librarian, Redmond Regional Li )
My daughter read it from front to back. She loved the hippo best because he looked the cutest.
Robyn A ( Mother of three )
My children enjoyed the book, especially my six year old.
Kalinka M ( Father of two )
Very educational and informative. Lovely illustrations. Nice moral to the story.
Ruth O ( Mother of two boys )
This book will be a beautiful addition to any classroom library.
Linda C ( Manager, RTC Child Care Center )
The book will be valuable in many ways in an elementary school. It is engaging, informative and attractive.
Dewey S ( Librarian, Black Diamond Eleme )
I really enjoyed reading the folktale... I'm sure this book will be a popular choice...
Merrilyn T ( Librarian, Lake Forest Park El )
Yes! My children were enthralled during the whole story.
Kellie A ( Mother of six kids )



“A good multicultural story with a strong problem. It has a strong moral lesson and offers a glimpse of an African culture.”
Beth B. Librarian Benson Hill Elementary
“My 6 year old was moved page after page.”
Anne M. Mother of two kids