a Very Good Marketing Management

a Very Good Marketing Management

Basically, management consists of designing and implementing plans. In making a plan, the capability is needed. To make a strategy and plan. For a long-term plan, more time is needed. As for the implementation of the plan, he must delegate his routine decisions every day to his subordinates.

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In general, management has three main tasks, namely:

1. Prepare a general plan/strategy for the company
2. Implement the plan
3. Hold evaluations, analyze and supervise the plan in its implementation. (to measure results and deviations and to control activities). So what is meant by marketing management, according to Philip Kotler is: Analyzing, planning, implementing, and monitoring programs aimed at exchanging with the intended market to achieve organizational goals. To make a plan, the analyzing function is very important so that the plans made can be more mature and precise. An application is an activity to carry out the plan. The function of supervision is to control all kinds of activities so that there is no deviation.
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Marketing Concept

The marketing concept philosophy aims to give satisfaction to the wants and needs of buyers/consumers. All activities in a company that adheres to the marketing concept must be directed to fulfill these objectives. Although the buyer orientation is limited by profit goals and growth, the concept needs to be implemented. Because it can increase sales by:

1. Make items that are easy to use
2. Easily purchase
3. Easy maintenance
The use of the marketing concept for a company can support the success of the business carried out. The marketing concept is compiled by incorporating three main elements, namely:

Consumer / market / buyer orientation
Favorable sales volume
Coordination and integration of all marketing activities within the company.
Basically, companies that want to practice consumer orientation must:

1. Determine the basic needs of buyers be served and fulfilled
2. Choose a specific group of buyers as a target in their sales
3. Determine the product and marketing program
4. Hold research on consumers, to measure, assess, and interpret their desires, attitudes, and behavior
5. Determine and implement the best strategy, whether focusing on high quality, low prices or attractive models.
So, definitively it can be said that the marketing concept is:

A business philosophy that states that satisfying consumer needs are an economic and social requirement for the survival of the company.

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