Parul Solanki

Parul Solanki

Business Intelligence consist of different strategies and techniques that help an organization to collect, evaluate and entry the required enterprise info for choice-making. Information yang kecil namun mengalami pertukaran yang cepat ataupun tidak terstruktur juga dapat dikategorikan sebagai large information. Menyebutnya dengan information mining. Artinya tidak semua BI membutuhkan Data Warehouse dalam mengelola intelligence

Bill Inmon, Caludia Imhoff, dan Greg Battas dalam buku Constructing Operational Data Retailer”, (John Wiley & Sons, 1996), mendefinisikan ODS sebagai ” topic oriented, integrated, unstable, current valued knowledge retailer containing only company detailed information.” Definisi ini mencermikan kebutuhan nyata pasar akan information operasional yang intelligence

My personal expertise is that Enterprise Intelligence is usually implemented first for one division, and once the advantages are realised, an extended experiences library is eventually adopted throughout the complete company. Seperti Information Mining yang canggih atau aplikasi modeling.

Hard to imagine but Enterprise Intelligence (BI) has been round for 20 + years now in varied guises ranging from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to Oracle Discoverer adhoc querying to Oracle Enterprise Intelligence (OBIEE) Dashboards created from views of the Financial, Provide Chain and CRM knowledge gathered on eBusiness Suite Functions.

As all other knowledge integration does, it gives you with all the ETL options wherein you can simply collect information from varied source methods, transform your knowledge using your business logic and at last load your knowledge to you knowledge warehouse or data mart.

Dewasa ini dikenal juga yang namanya Cell business intelligence, Mobile business intelligence atau dikenal dengan Cell BI atau Cell Intelligence adalah distribusi dari knowledge bisnis ke sebuah alat cell seperti ponsel pintar (smartphone).business intelligence

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